Digital course for teachers

Due to societal changes, especially concerning digitization, it is desirable at this time to prepare pupils and students for the future life in the digital world. However, this puts pressure on their teachers, who are forced to constantly improve their digital literacy and competences. The result of this process is not only a digital literate teacher who uses effective digital technologies in teaching, but also leads his pupils and students to make meaningful uses in everyday life.

The aim of this course is to acquaint primary and secondary school teachers with interesting tools and applications that can improve teaching, streamline and make it attractive for pupils and students.

The course is the result of the international project “Increasing digital competencies: The growth of education in society”, which was attended by experts from the Slovak Republic (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava), the Czech Republic (University of Ostrava) and the Republic of Poland (Fundacja Pro Scientia Public). Based on an extensive questionnaire survey, problem areas were identified in Slovak, Czech and Polish schools in terms of the use of digital technologies by teachers. We try to eliminate these critical points through this course.

In the course you will find video tutorials and other instructions on how to effectively use digital technologies in the form of various applications and tools in the educational process.

The course is designed to always offer you a specific set of applications and tools suitable for use in a given phase of teaching. In our course, we divided the teaching into three phases: Evocation – Awareness of Meaning – Reflection.